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Why Anamorphic

    1.78:1 to 2.40:1 conversion | Setup comparison

    1.78:1 to 2.40:1 conversion

    A native 16:9 projector still produces gray bars when the media’s aspect ratio is wider than 1.78:1. For movies in a 2.40:1 aspect ratio, around 33 % of the image’s vertical resolution is lost as well as there is a dramatic loss in total brightness.
    In order to restore the brightness and resolution, the image can be expanded vertically so that every pixel on a 1.78:1 panel becomes active. This picture processing can be done electronically either with an Oppo bluray player, or with some of the recent projectors which are capable of doing this vertical expansion. Unfortunately, the picture geometry now becomes distorted.
    Our anamorphic lens optically restores the original picture geometry. It not only looks much larger than when shown on a 1.78:1 screen, it now feels like film, not video. Shouldn’t you be watching your movie in original 2.40:1 ‘Cinemascope’ the way the director meant you to see it. Just like at a real commercial movie theatre.

    NOTE! Oppo Blu-ray players are able to shift the subtitles from black bar to the picture area, which is needed when playing movies on 2.40:1 screen.

    "I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the lens a day or two ago and set it up with my projector. The image is stunning! The pixel structure is removed almost completely from my viewing position, the colors looks more saturated and everything is smooth and filmlike! It even passed the toughest scrutiny of all, the wife test! My wifes first comment when seeing the picture with the lens was "Wow! That looks really good!". Needless to say, I am ecstatic!"

    Thank you for a wonderful product!

    "Next I moved the lens into place and watched the same scene this time with no zoom and feeding the projector a squeezed image. WOW the difference was amazing! The picture was brighter (not that the zoomed image wasn't bright enough) and screendoor was not an issue unless I got within 5ft of the screen with a perfectly focused image. The clarity of the image and 3D feeling was wonderful...all I wanted and more! So far I have watched Gladiator, the Battle of Britain, Jaws the Blue Max all in their full 2.40 to 1 glory.

    Overall I think this may be the best investment I have ever made for my theatre."

    Setup comparison

    1.78:1 setup

    2.40:1 setup

    1.33:1 source material

    1.33:1 source material

    1.78:1 source material

    1.78:1 source material

    2.40:1 source material

    2.40:1 source material

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