Cinomorph _Cylindrical

Cinomorph_ cylindrical has the high precision, 1.35x horizontal expansion optics. It consists of very large aperture 4-element lenses, which allows to project a large picture from a small distance. The precision optical cylinders offer a reference class picture quality with an extremely good corner-to-corner uniformity. The continuous focus correction also allows the projector to be positioned from infinity, down to 2 meters distance form the screen. Both front lens and the smaller rear lens have their own adjustments. The focus is adjusted from the front using the L-wrench. In case of imbalance in focus between the sides of picture, the small lens has a clever adjustment to correct this.

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Cylindrical Optics

The optics of cylindrical lens consist of two achromatic lenses, which are optically cylinders despite of the rectangular appearance. All the air-glass surfaces have broad band anti-reflection coatings to eliminate ghosting due reflections, and to maximize the luminance of the projector. The achromatic means that the both lenses are made by two optical components of opposite polarity and different optical properties. After shaping and polishing, the components are eventually seamlessly bonded together. The formed pair of achromatic doublets completely reduces the chromatic aberration, which would occur as a color fringing in a picture, if it was projected only through the pair of single lenses.